Rebuilding Service

We offer a rebuilding service for your gauges. This service will bring those worn or broken gauges back to new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

To use this service simply remove the gauge from the tank, print and fill out the request form on this website, place them in a carton and using the printed label, mail the package.

Upon arrival, we will inspect your gauge and determine what it needs. We will then email you the description of the work to be done with the cost. When you email back your approval we will do the work.

Upon completion you will receive an invoice from PayPal which you may pay with any major credit card. You do not need an account with them to use this service.

We then return ship your newly rebuilt gauge ready for you to reinstall on your tank.


When removing the gauge from the vertical pipe, pull the tape down out of the piping until the wire adapter is present. Before removing the wire from the adapter, pinch the wire with a vise grip pliers to keep it from snapping back up into the piping. To remove the wire from the adapter, use pliers to pinch the small crimp edges to open it up. Then remove the wire. Cutting the wire will decrease the accuracy of the reinstalled gauge. If you plan to replace the wire with a new one, it is ok to cut the old one. New crimps will be included with all rebuilt gauges.

Be sure the wire does not return up the piping.